AT&T - where's my 920? /rant

[Edit] - I cancelled my order on Wednesday, 22 days after ordering. I went into the Windows Store in Times Square the next day, and picked one up. They seem to have plenty in stock, except in yellow, I think.

Three weeks ago (Nov 13), I ordered my Lumia 920, in blue. I was, very excited for the phone, and only waited so long to order it because I was still hoping the AT&T exclusive wouldn't last long. I heard rumors about 6 months, so I decided to jump ship from Verizon. Nothing since then has gone as it should have.

First, simply ordering this thing was a pain. It could be that the AT&T Premier website is just a truckload of fail, but on the Premier site it would not let me transfer my number over, saying it wasn't valid for transferring. The main AT&T site disagreed, but wouldn't get me my corporate discount, so I tried different browsers, and eventually the zip code where I originally purchased my phone. I think the combination that wound up working was IE and that original zip code, and I was happy: I got my order confirmation email, and thought I'd have my phone soon. It was not to be.

Despite a 2-5 day estimate on when my phone would ship, it did not leave AT&T for 7 business days and shipped on Black Friday. This was before the Lumia was listed as backordered on any website I'm aware of, AT&T certainly didn't have any delay warnings on their website for the phone itself (the free charger was supposed to be delayed).

Once shipped, the delivery estimate was Monday, which I was happy with. Alas it was not to be, UPS updated deliver date Monday night to Tuesday. Oh well, just another day, I thought.

Tuesday night I saw an update on the order, saying "The apartment number is missing or is incorrect. UPS is attempting to obtain this information.". AT&T customer service was not available at this hour, and by the next morning I'd gotten an update that it was out for delivery, so I foolishly assumed AT&T had fixed their mistake. I had already double checked my order to make sure I'd included my apartment number, and there it was on the shipping confirmation email. Then Wednesday night I got another no apartment number email.

Thursday, during my lunch break at work, I called AT&T to try to figure out what happened. The rep was able to confirm with me that the apartment number wasn't on the shipping label, but didn't know why not. Any way, she promised to overnight the phone to me, assuring me I would get the phone the next day, and very specifically entering the apartment number on the order to avoid any screw-ups. This process took 45 minutes, and they couldn't send out another phone without charging me a second time, promising my rebate when the other phone returned to their warehouse.

Friday evening, I found out that the AT&T rep flat out lied to me. She did not overnight my phone, but instead sent it 2nd Day Air- "Select this alternative to overnight shipping when you have the flexibility to allow an extra day". I.e, when you don't care whether or not your next day promise is accurate. Again, my deliver estimate was still Friday until at least 11pm Friday evening. Saturday it was updated to Monday.

And here we are- Today I get another email from UPS saying they don't have my apartment number. In order to avoid another phone call with an utterly incompetent, lying AT&T rep, I went into a store (Times Square in NYC, where they basically told me that the only way they could help me would be if I cancelled my order, waited 24 hours, and then came into the store. But even then, they couldn't get me a blue one.

So here I am, still as much as ever wanting a 920, I think it is a beautiful device, I want that camera, and I like a bit of heft in my phone. I don't like the 8X as much, which is why I was willing to leave Verizon. But now I am pissed off with AT&T for 1: blatantly lying to me and 2: being completely unable to fix anything about this situation in the store, leaving me considering the (in my opinion) inferior 8X, another android, or joining AT&T anyway, despite this miserable customer service experience.

To Nokia and Microsoft: Please, please, for the sake and sanity of your customers, please don't ever give AT&T an exclusive windows phone again. I'm a developer who wants to write apps for Windows phones, but can't I can't even get my hands on one of your phones, and feel very put off by this whole experience.