Verizon customers like me

i have compared plans on all major companies for myself and verizon is the best service-wise in my opinion. for a single line with 2 gigs data on a smartphone verizon is $10 cheaper than at&t per month. so i will just stick with verizon. my contract is up soon and i will be in the market for a new phone. i now use an htc trophy and love wp7. my preference is to upgrade to wp8. my two choices are the htc 8x and the nokia 822. i refuse to buy either of them. the htc is garbage in my opinion snd the lumia 822 is the retarde cousin of lumia 920. if i'm going to spend over $100/month of my hard-earned money i want a flagship device. i can't imagine people who are shopping for their first smartphone with money in their pockets making informed decisions will pick either the 8x or the 822. if there isn't a major change in the device linup for windows phone soon i'm forced to jump ship for at least 2 years. shame. love the windows ui. :(