Why the Wii U Will Fail

It's simple really - as the current owner (from launch day) of a Wii U, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and mid-grade PC, I can say that this console does not cater to the hardcore gamer and will lag behind by next years holiday.

My reasoning is simple, look how the Wii is currently considered "last-gen" quality power wise. Developers are creating low-cost rubbish iterations (look at Call of Duty and Assassins Creed) for the current Wii and have no direct relation to their 360/PS3 counterparts.

The same will be true, as rumors hold fast that Microsoft and Sony are prepping to launch their next-generation hardware by 2014. For some it may seem two years is far away, but when that time comes developers will be creating games that can only be handled by this new wave of advanced hardware. The Wii U will be ignored, and games will be developed for it like they are now for the original Wii.

For those on the fence, wait until this console to come equipped with a bundle - which is what should be expected before a price drop.

The games I own for the Wii U I also own for the Xbox 360 such as Black Ops II and Assassins Creed III - there is clearly no difference aside from the handheld that provides little to no excitement to the game.There are currently 770 players online in Black Ops II.

Contrary to popular belief, direct streaming to the game pad (i.e. playing the game on the handheld) is limited to select games and not every game will/does support this function.

Don't get me wrong, the console is fun - partly to do with the fact that it is something new, fresh perhaps. Ultimately it will succumb to how us avid gamers feel about the original Wii, left with under performing ports or spin-offs and for the budget conscious and family oriented fun.