SkyDrive with Office 2010+ is awesome for collaboration

Using SkyDrive and linking it to Office for real time collaboration with team members is awesome for anything more than simple writing where Google Docs is king.

We are working on our Senior Project report so we have tons of headings/sub headings, figures, tables, sub headings, an updating TOC, etc and we are constantly rearranging things because of changing requirements. In short, what we did using SkyDrive/Office real time collaboration was amazing. There is no way we would have been able to do this with GDocs or DropBox without losing information with save-overs and such, spending countless hours communicating what we were changing, or working one at a time to avoid it all.

Imaging trying to work with two other people while rearranging whole sections of the doc, adding new writing, taking writing out, changing page orientations, changing out tables, figures, etc.

With Office+SkyDrive and the doc already in our Group, we just told SkyDrive to open our file in Word, typed in our accounts, and went to work doing what we needed to do.

Anyways, this probably sounds like an advertisement, but I'm very happy we decided on SkyDrive over DropBox for this project. It can be a hassle, but the benefits are well worth it when people are on board. If only Microsoft would update their SkyDrive apps to support Groups better and more people knew their Microsoft Account info.