My Nexus 4 has Shipped.. But wait..... [UPDATE][UPDATE]

So today I got the email saying that my nexus 4 (which I bought on Nov. 27th just like a lot of other people), and it says it was charged to my credit card ($338.81). Also, it gave me a tracking number. When I clicked the link with the number on it, it brought me to the UPS website but it appeared something was wrong because it said the following in bold red letters:

">>> UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request. Please verify your information and try again later."

In my head I was like "I did not wait 3 weeks for it to get lost in the mail or something" so yeah I am worried. And that's why I'm posting this. Anyone else have this problem??

Also yes I'm aware that in the email it says you need to wait up to 24 hours for anything to happen with the tracking number, but the fact that the tracking number basically doesn't exist worries me. Thanks for reading and please comment about a similar or the same problem you might have had.



I waited the full 24 hours like the email and some of you said I should do, and it STILL says that UPS couldn't locate the shipment details for my request. If anyone has any other suggestions or anything please let me know in the comments. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like when I click the tracking number: Screen_shot_2012-12-30_at_1

Thank you, and please help! Thanks!


Good News!!!! I waited until today like many of you suggested, and my tracking number now returns some information about where the phone is!! :D (it's in Louisville, Kentucky) as of about 30 minutes ago. Thank you all for helping and I'll post another update when it arrives on my doorstep. Thanks!