WP8 gaining momentum with Nokia spearheading it in China.

For the first time I feel WP8 is finally starting to gain traction. All signs are pointing to an upward trend.

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But lets not kid ourselves even though MS managed to get an extra 75,000 apps in the WP marketplace there is still much work to be done...however the picture is looking more rosy.

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The keystone to growth will be China (a potential 400 million consumer market) for WP8. The US is has become saturated with iphone with over 50% of the population with one. So it is not worth Nokia fighting aggressively in that market. The US is small fry compared to China.

Come in Nokia....believe me I reckon Nokia will be aggressively pursuing the China market and in the long-term dominate it signing contracts with China Mobile and subsidised 920 handsets by China Unicom, the US in comparison is small fry. The potential here is epic.

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I also believe Nokia and WP is in a better strategic position compared to Apple in this market. Nokia has better relations with China than Apple. Apple still to this day do not have a contract with China Mobile, may do however later next year if they a willing to play ball with the Chinese state and compromise with China Mobile.

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