Those who moan about "reporting bias"

I don't really care about any company enough to spend time complaining about media bias, however, many websites AND "respected" news agencies do seem to have a massive reporting bias against Microsoft. I just don't understand why, it's not as if the BBC for example, gets funding from Apple - or relies on certain companies for advertising revenue.

We had an appalling Surface RT review from the BBC and now this:

"2012: 'Year of the touch screen'", yet when the worlds most popular operating system redefines itself for touch, it's not even mentioned. The Surface is there, but not one mention of Microsoft, or Windows 8 - when this is a major feature of 2012 when it comes to computing, technology and tablets.

Nokia signed an exclusive deal with a massive Chinese online retailer and there have been huge queues to get the 920 over there, with the device continually selling out - yet The Verge and others do not report this, but we've seen reports for Apple and Android OEM's countless times.
But I think the BBC video is a shocking example of this, not that it matters to me, but now I do see why many people complain.