What is your Android 4.3/5.0 wish?

Whether or not the next version of Android is 5.0 or 4.3 KLP, and you could pick one feature to be integrated into said OS, what would it be?

I'm going to cheat and put more than one down. So, in no particular order:

Chrome performance improvements

I'm really not experiencing as many problems with Chrome as a lot of people claim to be, but I would like it to be that little bit faster.

Fix pinch to zoom performance and 150ms input lag.

Just needs doing, no elaboration necessary.

Centralised messaging app

I have no particular specifics on this, but Google could do a great job at this... If they'd bother.

Also, I don't know if Facebook and Twitter contacts syncing is broken because of Android or Facebook and Twitter, but it would be nice if someone would fix it.

Further Keyboard Improvements

Before 4.2 I always used SwiftKey. I have since switched to the stock keyboard (gesture typing), but I really wish the predictions were as good as SwiftKey. That said, gesture typing is much nicer than Swype or SwiftKey Flow (Beta).

More voice operations in Google Now

(This would presumably come in an app update but they do tend to sync the big updates with system updates, don't they?)

Just... more. Also, sound search outside the US would be nice. Also, a fix for when the voice keeps changing... My Google Now uses the Female US voice for certain operations and Male UK for others.

What would your additions/refinements/subtractions be?

Also, any tablet/phone specific requests?