iPad 2/iPad Mini, or Apple's hate of their old products.

People always talk about how Apple are keen to make sure that the user has a great experience with the company, even after the money has transferred hands. However, something that I've seen a lot lately is the complete neglect of their older devices, such as the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

I understand that these devices are now around 2 years old, and that it would be unheard of for Samsung/HTC to continue updating phones this old. Hell, they don't bother to update most of their phones at all! I also understand that Apple would rather leave newer features out of older devices, rather than have them perform sub-optimally, which is also a fully valid thing to do.

The problem is that Apple have left Siri out of the iPad 2, along with many of the new iOS6 features. While previously it was a only a little annoying that all this was left out, now the iPad Mini has made it even more annoying.

The iPad 2 and the iPad Mini have (almost) identical internals. They have the same A5 processor, the same PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU, and an identical display resolution. Therefore, you would expect them to perform identically. Why then, is the iPad Mini deemed more fit to run these newer software features? Google updated their 2 year old Nexus S with all the new features, and while some of them aren't as fast as you'd like, it still works well. Apple no longer have the "it's too old to handle it!" excuse, as they have proved that the A5 processor can (reasonably well) do all this.

So what is the reason then? It seems like the only reason is to force people to upgrade. They want people to shell out another £400 on a newer iPad, rather than being on an old (but demonstrably capable) device. Just thought I'd share.