How do I setup Titanium Backup to Ignore Google Music?

Sorry if this is a n00b question but...

What is the best way to have Titanium Backup ignore Google Music? I don't want it to backup all the music I have set to be "offline". Similarly with Google Maps/offline map data.

I have Titanium Backup Pro.

Preferences->Backup App cache is unchecked

"Select external data by max size" is set to 500MB

I can go through the list and manually delete my "Google Music" backup from my device. When I do this, my "Redo backups for modified data" schedules don't back it up anymore, but my weekly "Backup new user+system apps & newer versions" will re-backup my Google Music. I like to keep offline about 3-5GB of music in Google Music so backing this up really isn't an option (my device only has 13.5GB total usable space).

Thanks for your help.