Why Apple is in decline from my personal perspective

We got a bad luck of the draw and my wife got one of the iPhone 5s that has the secure wifi bug that makes data transfer rates crawl at a snails pace. Today, I tried to get my wife's buggy iPhone 5 replaced for the 3rd time at a local Apple Store.

1st time (about a month ago) I tried to get it exchanged, the Apple Genius was polite and said she was sorry to hear I was having a problem with the new phone. I was told to go home, reset the network settings and see if it improved performance. Because the stores don't run secure wifi, I had to go home to see if the problem got resolved. It didn't, so I had to make another appointment.

2nd time I tried to get it exchanged (this was after the 6.0.2 update), a different Apple Genius was also polite, asked what I had tried to do resolve the issue, and then suggested that I do a full wipe and reinstall from the back up on iCloud. Still no luck.

Today, I tried for a 3rd time and I got the most arrogant, smug Apple Genius I've ever met... first he refused to acknowledge that the wifi issue even existed ("if it's not on apple.com I don't know anything about it"), then refused to exchange the phone until I went home (again) and wiped the phone, set up on a new account, and manually reload all my wife's apps one by one. All the while, he just sat there with a smile on his face. If he never knew about the wifi bug, why bother sending me home to wipe my wife's phone?

So, over the past month, I've gotten a defective phone, I've been given the runaround by Apple Store staff, and had a very disappointing customer service experience overall. My opinion of Apple's reputation for quality and customer service is not what it was a month ago - and from what I've been through, I'm left with the impression that Apple doesn't care.

These days, there are other ecosystems that are just as attractive as Apple's... all I want is a phone that my wife can connect to wifi so she doesn't chew up our data plan.

If Apple won't help, perhaps someone here can. Here's what I've tried so far to correct the secure wifi issue:

- Reset the phone's network settings

- Wiped the phone and restored from iCloud

- Installed the 6.0.2 update

- Wiped the phone (again), created a new Apple ID, and set the phone up as a new account

- Tried to manually adjust the DNS settings (restored back to default after no improvement in performance)

- Tried to connect via WEP, WPA, WPA2 (tried at multiple locations with different wireless routers)

- Other devices in our home have no problems connecting at normal download rates

At this point, I'm just extremely frustrated and angry about this damn broken phone