Very Impressed by windows 8.

I was extremely skeptical of windows 8, but I just got my dad an Asus all in one w/touch. What a great machine it is! I was blown away by windows 8. Touch is phenomenal on it. It's just awesome to have there. Go back and forth from touch to mouse and keyboard was also pleasing. I thought it was going to be a daunting task. Little did i know how great of an experience it was. If you've seen me post before you know i use both Windows machines and apple machines. I was going to grab the new iMac, but not that I've gotten to really put windows 8 to the full blown test i'm not sure where i want to go. I'd really love a windows 8 setup in my office with touch. Soon graphic programs like Photoshop, illustrator, and the others will have touch gestures built right into them. It's finally going to where

I thought it was going to go for design. Being able to manipulate your designs with touch. While, i've been doing this on the ipad for quite some time now, that large display with touch is something i thought i'd never care for, but after using it, it's hard to picture it any other way. It's extremely natural. What i love is how windows knows that you aren't going to want to touch the screen all the time, which is why the mouse and keyboard input is perfect. It's the way computing should be. I love apple, but I hope they take a lesson from windows 8. As soon as windows 8 starts to catch on hopefully it will grab apples attention. After seeing how windows 8 executes touch and mouse together i just can't picture it any other way. It was such a pleasant experience.

All in all, I'm very excited about windows 8. My dad loves the machine, and it really is a wonderful user interface. It works best with the use of both touch and mouse input. I wouldn't want a windows 8 machine without both.