Multitouch in iMacs?

Yup. I never thought i would think this, and i've be against the thought of it for years, but i have to say it changes the entire experience of the desktop when you add touch. I love apple, i love that new iMac. I'm an apple guy all the way, but i just got my dad a windows 8 all in one with touch built in and the experience is extremely pleasant. They set windows 8 up knowing that you aren't going to want to use touch all the time, which is why you can float back and forth from touch to mouse. When you are using touch, it's very responsive. You can see the license that apple gave to Microsoft built right in. The weirdest thing about it is it felt like I was using an apple device. The way touch feels it feels like an ipad, but for a desktop operating system.

I don't think touch is so great on a notebook, but those who have it say they love it. I'm mainly speaking for the desktop. Browsing the web was so awesome, reading, playing games, ect. I'm very very impressed by windows 8 for the desktop w/touch. Give it a try i think it will really surprise you. I think it's time for apple to implement touch into their desktop line. I just don't get why not? Why not have the option to use both. It's quite pleasant. Apple changed this entire industry. I was looking around best buy and I said holy shit! Look what apple has done. They've changed an entire industry. Compared to what it looked like 4 years ago in best buy to now i was blown away. I think Microsoft and apple are two great companies.

I think apple can take some lessons from Microsoft this time around with touch on the desktop. When done right it's awesome. Apple needs to implement the technology that they brought to the mainstream, the tech that they perfected ( touch) and put it in all of their devices. I'm not saying they should make a surface or a device that's a tablet and a desktop. I just think they should put touch into their desktops. They already support touch in the OS. I think they should take it to the next step. So tell me guys, why is that apple hasn't caught onto this. I know apple has said before that they don't think that is the right way to go for the notebook and I agree, but touch on the desktop along with mouse input is incredible. I'd love to hear what you guys think, and please I want this to be a serious discussion without any trolling. If we are all adults we can talk like humans and not kids. I want your opinion, and i want you to break down logically why it should be or shouldn't be in their desktop machines.