Bluetooth Audio Needs to Be Fixed in Windows 8 / RT

So, I set up an A2DP connection today from my Surface to a set of desktop speakers, using an old Blackberry Stereo Gateway (takes the A2DP connection and outputs it to a 3.5mm jack). Upon doing so, I honestly can't believe how flawed the method of using Bluetooth audio is in Windows RT. Pairing to a Bluetooth device works fine, but once you do that, the connection is ALWAYS on as long as the device is on and you're in range. In order to disconnect from the Bluetooth audio, I had to go to the desktop, then the Sounds control panel, then right click on the Bluetooth connection and select Disconnect.

It's a ridiculous procedure when that's the exact sort of thing the Devices charm is designed for. I mean, the OS knows when I'm connected to a HDMI screen and contextually gives me options for that in the Devices charm, so why exactly aren't they utilizing that for Bluetooth audio yet?

I mean, I know, there's a ton of settings that are still only utilized from the Desktop Control Panel, but that doesn't generally bother me. Most of those are things that you set once and forget about. Something that is possible to change repeatedly though, it's ridiculous to not utilize Metro correctly for that.