Why I don't want a notification center on WP8

One of the things many users (or at least geeks) complain is the lack of a notification on WP8.

For me, a notification center would be a major reason to search for alternatives to WP. At the moment the OS gives the user informations about new things over it's live tiles. Here comes the advantage: You don't have to interact with notifications from live tiles if you don't want to.

I was an Android user from Android 1.5 up to 4.1 as my last Android phone was a Galaxy Nexus. On Android you have constantly to care about notifications. If you don't care about something it still appears and you have to remove it from there.

On Windows Phone, you don't have to, you will read it or just don't care because there is nothing to clean up, still you wil see the new things.

I hope someone understands what I mean :D