Using an UK iPhone 4 in China...

My other half is going to China for 6 months at the end of February and would very much like to take the iPhone 4 I gave her when I upgraded. Can I get some advice on carriers and SIMs?

Apple has been of little help to me, reaffirming what I already know - that the unlocked iPhone 4 I brought from an Apple Store is EMEA and therefore should work in China. Looking at wikipedia that suggests the phone is a quad-band GSM, but I'm having difficulty understanding whether China Mobile will allow her to use 3G or whether she would be limited to GPRS and EDGE, as well as what carrier would be best.

Here are her requirements, she prefers "pay as you go" but I suspect a SIM-ONLY deal would be much better:

  • 3G data connection (in Harbin) with little to moderate use
  • International calling (UK only) with minimal use

Here's what information would be helpful:

  • Best coverage network in Harbin
  • Cost of a few options
  • Advice on how to source the SIM (delivered to the UK, brought at Harbin airport, etc) - noting that her Chinese is quite basic.

Lastly, in the unlikely event you know about the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, or any English-language social networks like based in China, any information would be gladly received!

PS: This is a repost from a deleted post in Mobile after a friendly recommendation.