win8 computer recs

Whats up y'all... I am forcing my dad to upgrade the really old WinXP laptop his firm's IT girl gave him (after he destroyed it from viruses), and I am trying to narrow down my recommendations for him. So for background, my dad is a partner at his accounting firm, uses software such as Excel, GoToMyPC, the internet, and Outlook. All of his info (contacts, emails, calendar) are synced on an exchange server to his iPad, Droid pro, and work computer. Most importantly, my dad is a tech dumbass and hesitant to change/learning new tech (although when he learns it, he loves it). I am currently looking at the Surface Pro w/ type cover (I have a Surface RT and love it, but my dad needs legacy software), Yoga 13, and the Lenovo X1 Carbon. I want to push him towards windows 8 and hybrid computer, though his lack of tech knowledge may want him to stay with Win7. My dad prob isn't looking to replace his 1st gen iPad, though I am going to push him into a full replacement to give him less to schlep around to and from meetings. Any other suggestions/advice? Much appreciated.