Advice needed on getting a temporary budget windows 8 laptop

Okay so here's the situation, its got quite desperate so I've come to you guys for help!

My old XPS M1330 has finally died and I will definitely need a laptop for university which starts on 12 Jan. I really want to get a touch screen laptop that is preferably some sort of hybrid, but is primarily an awesome ultrabook.

This is why I was thinking of getting a Yoga 13 because its a pretty good ultrabook but with the added attraction of the whole tent mode thing for watching movies etc. The twist is (no pun intended) that the Yoga isn't properly released in the UK yet, you can only get the low specced grey one, but not the high specced orange one which is what I would want (its not a particularly beautiful laptop in grey). Also now CES is coming up quickly, I don't want to get a laptop that is immediately made redundant by some crazy announcement/trend that we see there.

This has made me think about getting a cheap laptop as a temporary measure for a couple of months which I can justify by handing off to my grandparents when I'm done with it, rather than being a complete waste. However, it still needs to be relatively cheap given I'll be buying two laptops. It also has to be suitable for my use as a primary computer and their basic computer usage.

I was thinking of perhaps getting a chromebook that would be both cheap and functional for my grandparents, but a) I don't think I could use it for uni work for more than a week or two b) I think windows 8 is simple enough for my grandparents to understand especially given they don't have any current knowledge of usage paradigms in windows 7 that need to be forgotten.

This leaves me with the question of what cheap Windows 8 laptop do I get. I'd rather it wasn't RT, because its just not gonna have the functionality of a normal windows 8 laptop (at least not yet). I would really rather not spend more than £350 on this, unless there's a really compelling reason to. Also, it'd be nice if it were touch as i think that's gonna become standard within a few years and not having it could date the laptop before I buy it (although I realise this may be a little difficult within the budget).

tl;dr: I need a temporary windows 8 laptop (preferably with touch) for under £350.

Many Thanks guys