24 hours with Windows 8 on Lenovo Ideapad Yoga

Just to start off, I'll give you a brief idea of where my mindset is. My first personal computer was a black MacBook and I kept that one until it died for good. After that I bought a cheap, used Samsung Ultrabook running Windows 7, but didn't like the hardware so I switched to a Chromebook for a temporary solution until finally I came across the Ideapad Yoga.

Now I've read a lot on here and elsewhere about Windows 8, and from what I could tell I wasn't sure I'd like it. But I figure I have a 30 day window to return everything so no harm, no foul. Also, just for more perspective, in case you judge people by mobile phone OS, I have used an iPhone and a Nokia 900 for periods of times, but I've settled on Android as my mobile OS of choice

It's officially been 24 hours since I brought home my Yoga, and I wanted to give a bit of a "review" of what I like about it, Windows 8 as well as some complaints I have.

Windows 8

I'm not going to lie, when I first got my computer all set up, which took far too long in my opinion, I was a bit unsure of how to do much. I did watch the little tutorial Microsoft provides while it's configuring the software, but I still was a little left in the dark. As a result I started off going back to my old ways and using the desktop mode first as a safety net.
That's where I ran across my first issue - small buttons.

Both desktop IE and Chrome are terrible for using with a touch interface. And I realize they're not designed for that, but I didn't realize how unpleasant it would be to have to hit the X on a tab five or six times before my large fingers finally hit "the sweet spot" to close it. Also, throughout the control panel and other system options I have difficulties accurately hitting what I wanted. Now I realize I could have used the Yoga in normal laptop mode and been fine, and some times I did resort to flipping it back to use it that way, but I am planning to let the touchscreen carry the heavy load.

After a few hours of frustration using a non-touch friendly desktop, I decided to just adopt the tile desktop as my new home and just learn it.

Metro/Modern Interface

Let me start by saying this, I LOVE how the tiled interface looks. I really like the idea of live tiles, and enjoy seeing all the information at a glance. That being said, I am a little dismayed by some of the bugs in the UI. The one that I discovered first came from the Microsoft store.

As I'm sure many new computer owners do, I went to the Windows 8 store to explore all these new programs I could load on my machine. In doing so I became extremely frustrated. I'd be browsing through a category or "top" list and find one to load, so I'd click install and go back to browsing while it downloaded in the background.
However, when it finished downloading, it kicked me back to the store home page. That's ridiculous.

I should be able to keep browsing and not have installations interfere with that.

Another issue I ran across quite a bit was that the store would almost freeze when I hit the back arrow after looking at a program I didn't want to download. Now this may be the Yoga's internals causing the issue, but I made sure I had no other programs running other than the store and still had the issue. I'd get so frustrated I'd just swipe away the store and give up.

Another thing I was very confused by at first, but have since adjusted to was that the programs downloaded don't have their own search bars. I didn't realize at first I had to use the search in the charm bar. It's not a major deal, but very confusing to me.

My likes

There's a lot I like about Windows 8. I really enjoy the touch capabilities and barely use my trackpad at all. I also like the fresh look and fluid interface. And while others have complained a bit, I really do like the gesture controls. I think using a computer this way is much more natural than how we've been using the mouse as a crutch.

I hope Microsoft keeps polishing, and more importantly, sticks with Windows 8 and doesn't change much. I'll be very upset if three years down the road they go back to a desktop style of operating.

As for the Yoga I couldn't be more pleased. The ability to use it in "normal" mode to type longer things like this post is great, but I really enjoy using it as a "tablet." Windows 8 allows me to interact in a way I never would have imagined. Plus I really like the build quality and construction. I also enjoy being able to prop the laptop up while watching a movie or video online. Major props to Lenovo for this computer