Surface Pro versus Ativ Smart PC pro

I have been hankering after one of these two devices. I am subject to startling indecision... I have always wanted a convertible laptop/ultrabook. The reason I'm going high end is because I am a PC gamer. Nothing too intensive- Source games, Minecraft, emulation of older consoles, a whole host of moderately intensive (ulv-i5 appropriate, pretty much) tasks. My main differences are primarily superficial- they are almost identical in specs and weight. --------------------- I'll list my problems with either, then my use cases. SURFACE PRO: -type cover potentially too thin to be nice to use for long periods. (medium) -smaller battery, reported 4.5 hours max (MAGOR!! Worse than my current desktop replacement laptop!) screen too small (major- bro has an 11 inch mba, it's tiny!) ATIV SMART PC PRO- -Samsung branding on hardware (medium) -samsung bloatware (minor, i can deal with that ok) -plastic (minor) -ugly as sin physical windows key (could be good for portrait mode, but aesthetically sucks) ---------------------- My use cases are: Fairly intensive (not beyond limits of ulv-i5) gaming at a desk Electronics student-level programming at school web browsing on a couch/airport word processing at a desk editing/drawing my webcomic at a desk (so stylus a must!) ------------------ I'd like to know what owners of the Ativ, and owners of the Surface RT think of my conundrum. I know nobody has laid hands on a Surface Pro yet... Which is why all of my concerns are phrased in ways which current Surface RT users can comment on, with the exception of battery life- but I trust Microsoft on this as a flaw. Thank you! Best regards, rollerorbital.