Help me decide my future

I'm writing this because I feel like I don't have a lot of time left, and because I'm extremely, naturally, indecisive. I'm a senior in high school, about to go into college as a Political Science Major, with plans of going to law school and ultimately becoming a lawyer. I'd have no issue in becoming a lawyer because I love law, justice etc. But the real issue for me is: Is that what I really want to be for the rest of my life?

I think the issue begins when I think about what type of person a lawyer is. They're organized, professional, always writing, always working, researching, reading. I love doing the aforemetioned activities, but I also like to do other things that would not necessarily fit the "lawyer persona." For example, I enjoy playing video games, but who would want to hire a lawyer that play Grand Theft Auto on their spare time? It just seems contradicting.

My dream job would be one where I'm well incorporated or connected to the tech community. I once dreamed of becoming a digital designer, simply because I love the idea of having an office where I'm on my computer all day designing and meeting people with similar interests. The only issue is: I suck (and I mean SUCK) at drawing. Any simiar job would be just as satisfying, though. Then I thought about becoming a video editor, but the steep learning curve eventually sheered me off.

I don't know what to be, and I don't want to go into school as "undecided." I love technology, reading, writing, photography, social networking, computers, and being sociable.

So what I ask is, what are some technology-related jobs for someone like me? I know I didn't give you much information, but I'm open to suggestions.

tl;dr: I don't know what to be in the future, and that scares me. I love technology, if that helps.