dlna vs Airplay : are we losing

so i have 2 apple tvs attached to two of my tvs.

i just started getting serious with plex, and experience is nothing short than amazing, you browse the library through the app, when video starts playing you get a small icon in the player that allows you to play it on any apple tv i the house.... simple and works great

and how the macbook utulized that is nothing short than amazing, you ca mirror your screen beside playing your videos there

now on the windows/andriod side

first windws, just dreadfull... for the desktop you have no such ability at all

for the metro the playto that i been trying to use with an dlna compatible lg tv never works... and again the whole experience is still not even close to being smooth

now lets jump to mobile, Android and wp8... how stuff works there ?

i want to go all windows with replacing the apple tvs with any type of set-boxes that support dlna playto, any suggestions thats iphone friendly aswell

forgive me guys for the distorted thread, but i am litrally lost trying to learn and deal with DLNA