MS predictions for 2013 list them

Windows Phone

  • February announce WP 8.1 adding key features such as VPN, Notification Center, Additional Volume Settings etc. Also 1st party apps such as Mail, Calendar, People, Xbox games/music will get updated with new features. I also expect Xbox Video support.
  • Windows phone will scale down rather than scaling up. We might see QWERTY WP devices before we see 1080P WP's. I expect QWERTY style WP's debuting at MWC and 1080P Windows phone with a UI change Q4.
  • MWC will debut new WP devices probably running the same specs but updated hardware such as a new PureView from Nokia and a Surface Phone from Microsoft to lead the charge. I expect the Surface Phone to go head-to-head with the Nexus 4 but available at more retail channels.

Windows 8

  • Windows 8 blue will debut at MWC for a Q3 launch. Beta will probably roll out sometime close to MWC. Blue will have UI changes the ability to change tile sizes, updates to core apps and include new features like a Notification Center.
  • Windows 8 will scale down to lower screen sizes 5 - 8 inch including a phone app for phone calls. So expect Phablets that run Windows 8 blue to compete against Android. These tablets will not have a desktop just straight Modern.
  • More mobile vendors such as HTC, Nokia will debut new Windows 8 Blue and RT devices MWC second batch of Win8 devices coming out Q2 to Q3 utilizing the new Blue SW update.


  • Office for IOS is on lock for Q2
  • Office will have new MX apps for Windows 8 RT/Blue maybe even updates to WP8
  • Office to have some sort of Smartglass support with the Xbox 360


  • Skype will be the main go to communication platform on all MS devices
  • Skype will compete head on with BBM and iMessage makes it dead easy to Skype between WP to Win8, WP to WP, Win8 to Win8 etc
  • Skype will add more Lync type features to the application


  • New Xbox debuting Q4
  • New Xbox TV debuting Q4
  • Smart glass additions plus new apps starting early next year


  • An array of new Surface devices ranging from phones, tablets, laptops and maybe all-in-ones will debut this year to compete against Apple's HW lineup.

What do you guys think what are you're predictions for 2013?