If my mom can use Windows 8, anyone can

I installed Windows 8 on my home desktop PC for my mom. Now, she is no geek or anything. Though she did find Windows 8 confusing at first (she just couldn't get the Charms bar to pop out), now she is fine with it. She even said "What's the big deal with all the tech blogs? Are we stupid?" (I had told her of all the hoopla the tech world is making about Windows 8 being DOA and other such shit.)

Bloggers say long-time non-technical computer users will find Windows 8 tough to use. Well.... My mom is long-time (we have a PC in our house from 1999 - have used Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista (briefly), 7 and now 8) and she is non-technical and she uses Windows 8 without an issue.

What does the Tribe feel about this?

P.S. I was actually scared to put Windows 8 on the desktop as I was scared what my mom would say. Both my dad and I use Windows 8 on our laptops and were of the opinion that the desktop should continue with 7. But, then I tried and all is well now :)