Options and Compromises

The term "compromises" is being thrown around a lot here these days, but IMHO, it's a term that needs to be challenged. With everything from 10.1" RT based tablets to 20" AIOs with built in batteries coming out, it’s not about compromises, but about options.

For example, at $899 +$100 for the keyboard, the Surface Pro is a perfectly cromulent replacement for anyone who finds they can get things done wtih an ultrabook, while adding the added feature of an active digitizer.

At that price, it’s the same price as a Macbook Air with the same screen size, but sports a higher resolution and larger battery, all the while being a portable Wacom Cintiq at the same time.

Where’s the compromise there?

Don’t need the digitizer but want the Core iSeries power? Get the cheaper but similarly powered W700.

Do you want longer battery life, and a more "tablety"? Then go with a Clover Trail device, and from there, decide whether you want one with the digitizer.

Don’t care about backwards compatibility, and want more of a surfing around tool than a full computer? Get an RT device.

The reason computer hardware is diverse is because different users have different needs.

Until recently, this diversity to be called "options", not "compromises", despite what Tim Cook might have said. Now it's parrotted in the truest sense of the word...

Of course, expect all this to change when Apple releases their first x86 powered tablet...


via i.qkme.me