Microsoft and "next year"

I first started noticing it with Windows Phone. Never had I been so excited about a new OS (except maybe for WebOS). So naturally, I was an early adopter of the platform. The UI was as awesome as I'd hope but MS wasn't able to get app-developers to fill in the gaps. "No biggie", I told myself. It was new, after all. Next year would be so much better they told us. It's been the same story year after year. And, to be fair, there are always great improvements but platform-as-a-whole always remains a step behind the competition.

And now, it looks like Windows is starting down that same path. MS has already leaked/released information about the next version of Windows, code named Windows Blue. This, after the president of Windows --the man responsible for the polarizing Windows 8--left the company only a month after the release. Clearly, MS is trying to instill confidence in it's fans and shareholders. "Next year," they're trying to tell us. Next year everything will be much better.

I'm not so confident anymore that anything will continue to get better at Microsoft. Not with the way they've been doing things lately.