Eff this!! I'm buying a Nexus

I am honestly getting pissed off with Google, and it's damn OEMS. This is a mess, Google needs to make their own damn hardware. Yeah yeah I know they can't as of right now. Updating on Android can bring a man to tears if he does not own a Nexus.

Tonight ATT and Sammy got the JB update out. . . . . VIA KIES!!!! Who the fuck still uses a cable??? You would think they would let you update it via Kies Air but noooooo they want you to stick some wire into your device. I'm so over this shit, I can't update on my laptop because I have this horrid Windows 8 consumer preview on here (Which I hate BTW, switching to Mac VERY soon). Then I tried to pull the old desktop out because it Runs XP and that did not work, the damn thing could not even connect to the internet and, just to boot it took 15mins. WHY DO WE EVEN STILL HAVE IT???

Anyways my point is, this is going back in time. I would not be as pissed if ATT push the damn software via OTA. IS THAT SOOO HARD???

With that said, the Google way is clearly the only way. I will be going to get my 8GB no LTE havin Nexus in less than a week. I have my GS3 set up like stock anyways so clearly that says something. If I am going to continue to use Android than it will have to be a Nexus or else I'm going back to the effin iPhone because I can't deal with this mess anymore.

Last Note.

Dear Microsoft,

I hate you with a passion, I hate you freaking Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 9 and 10. I hate your RT and everything else you can name that makes no since to the average consumer. I hate that you let such a complicated file system still exist on Win8. I'm switching to mac and I will NEVER look back. I've hated you since conception and the fact I am typing on a Windows Machine right now, is bringing me ever so close to death. You are like acid. Stop attacking Google because they don't suck. The only thing you may have done right is your Windows Phone.


Pissed because I still don't have Jelly Bean