Is Jailbreaking still worth it?

First world problem here!

So, the story is I gifted my 4S and bought another one, luckily (or not) it came with 5.1.1. Me being an avid Jailbreaker I instantly jailbroke it to install some of the very missed tweaks that were for obvious reasons absent from my former phone (6.0.1).

A week came by and I've started to notice that some of the tweaks I use are kind of not worth it anymore. Now I'm really considering updating to iOS6, but knowing it's a one way ticket I really would like to hear your experience first.

I use:

  • Activator, wich i use for quick Camera+ access from anywhere (Short Home btn Press), and Next/Previous track on short volume button presses. (I, personally will miss this feature alot).
  • CallBar - can live without it
  • Infinifolders - might be the thing I'll miss the most
  • Mail enchancer Pro - iOS6 mail is enough for my needs
  • NCSettings - used to be the best tweak imho, but I have found that I use it mostly to adjust brightness, because 5.1.1 autobrightness does not work. iOS6 has no problems adjusting automatically. The rest WIFI and BT - I just leave them on all the time, don't see a huge battery hit with them on, unlike android. In other words no need to toggle them on and off all the time.
  • Nitrous - supposed to give apps a boost in networking, but meh..
  • PushTone - I'll miss that one.
  • Springtomize - I uze it to disable some elements in the status bar, that I don't want to see (BT icon, carrier name) Purely visual tweak.
  • Winterboard - I apply silent camera and silent charge themes (disables sound)
  • SlideSelection - I think that's the name, never really use it.
  • Cyntact - can live without it but not a deal breaker.
  • Old AppStore - I think it's more functional than the new one.
  • Two more points
    • It's quite some time to iOS7
    • There are some nice concepts floating around this forum, thatI'm sure will be available as tweaks sooner rather than later, and only a jailbroken phone can take advantage of them.

There are some things I miss from iOS6 too:

  • I think maps are an upgrade grom Google Maps, I already forgot how unuseful they really are.
  • Game Center with challanges
  • Better Safary
  • Panorama mode is nice, but i think you can enable it via a tweak
  • DND mode is useful for me, I've got a kid.
  • Reminders are better organized
  • Shared photostreams
  • iPhoto only works with iOS6
  • 3G Facetime (I know I can buy 3G Unrestrictor, but can't be bothered, since it's free on 6)
  • Music player is better and had true streaming from iTunes match, which I use.
Share your experience, Jailbreakers and ex-jailbreakers, what do you miss? would you jailbreak if you had the chance?

P.S. I do not use Cydia to pirate apps nor tweaks, so that's not the thing holding me from upgrading.