(RUMOR) Details on next generation consoles: PS4 with head mounted semi transparent display, Xbox 720 w/ Kinect 2 and "Livewall"

DualPixels has posted what they have claimed to be insider information on the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. While I would write the things that they have said off, it is said that it comes from the same source who has previous provided them with accurate information.

The Playstation 4 "Omni" is said to come with a head mounted display with semi transparent AMOLED displays, and be backwards compatible with a optional PS3 "dongle". The Xbox 720 will include a new version of Kinect, and be about 2-3 times as powerful as the "Omni". Launch titles are also discussed.

What is discussed doesn't seem all too far out of reach, but the LiveWall for the Xbox does seem a little bit out there, and obviously a gimmick. I am grateful, that should it be true, the 720 seems to pack a good amount of power.