Kindle Paperwhite AND iPad Mini - am I crazy to buy both?


I need your advice guys. I am a gadget addict. I love all new toys especially the portable ones. Right now Im facing a dilemma - is it crazy to buy iPad Mini and Kindle? I used to have iPad 3 but it was simply too big and too heavy. I loved the apps, just the device itself wasnt best suited for me. iPad Mini is the easy way, I already got apps, iTunes content and so on. I do love reading and I read a lot. Technically I could read on an iPad. That was my plan unitl recently when I had a chance to play with Kindle Paperwhite. The new screen is amazing. Size, weight, battery - perfect.

Is it crazy? I would be carrying 4 portable devices (iPhone 4S, Lumia 920, iPad Mini and Kindle)...