Recommend me a W8 home PC.

I'm an early adopter when it suits me, but not for W8. The only Windows 8 machine I own is the Surface RT right now. I doubt I'll be moving any of my for-work PC's to W8 anytime soon, but for home and general purpose use the Surface has been an important machine to experience the Desktop-Metro Disconnect mentioned by so many. I've found it to be a non-issue. Just how long does it take some Apple-addled dumbasses just to say "The Metro environment is a giant Start Menu" instead of writing long 'the Apple way is the only way' tracts about how it doesn't work?

So, I'd like to make a start with a W8 home PC. I won't bother upgrading any of the existing machines, but will buy new. The primary technical requirement would be that it has to be a 23" FHD or bigger - ideally WQHD - touchscreen and I would like it to be, as far as is possible, an all-rounder. An upper-end desktop i7, a top-end mobile or mid-level desktop GPU at least. The only other factor that is important is that it should be, to a reasonable degree, home decor friendly. It should not hulk.

While that may bring AIO's topmost to the mind, I'm not wedded to the AIO form factor - in fact, the steaming pile of unstable crap that is the 2011 27" iMac (Still debating what to do with the one I have left), the only very slightly better Dell XPS One 27" (which are fine as the kitchen PC's I have them as, but not much more), and the ultimately kinda-useless HP Z1 which I bought to try in place of my Z400's (I just don't see the point of it when HP has a phalanx of other much more viable machines in its lineup for lower-end professional users, unlike Apple) leads me to rule out a W8 AIO unless it solves all of the problems inherent in those machines to differing degrees - i.e. if the AIO is simultaneously stylish, silent, stable, has a truly desktop-grade selection of ports and I can at least get at the storage without extreme contortions, then it may be worth a try - but I've yet to find one like that.

So ultimately a separate touchscreen monitor along with a decent-looking minitower might be a better prospect.

What would you recommend I get?