Windows 8 on Mac or New Pc?

Hi Verge Commnity,

I like Microsofts products, but after years with windows machines that repeativly had build quality issues, lack of support and the WORST trackpads I turned to a 13" i7 Macbook Pro.

I've used OS X for around a year now. Its a great stable os and the gesture based navigation is very well integrated. I love these macs because of the build quality and support from the local apple store.

Windows 8 came out in New Zealand about a month ago and theres been a huge marketing blitz. I went and had a look at the Sony Vaio slider, and the HP envy hybrids and I really like Windows 8. The modern UI just works and still have the desktop for when I need to connect my phone and things like that. The touch in modern ui seems so natural, admittedly that could be due to my phone (lumia 800)

Back to my point though, should I just buy Windows 8 for my mac and keep the great trackpad, build quality, keyboard etc. or sell my Mac and buy a touchscreen Windows 8 machine? Eg Asus tai chi, ideapad yogo, aspire s7.

Thanks for your help.