The Dark Side of Nexus?

I have owned the Sprint Nexus S 4G since May 2011. I have owned a Nexus 7 since the month it came out. Just to note, I take good care of my gadgets: my NS4G has a silicone back and I put it in a leather case while it is in my pocket.

My experience with software on computers (and really, we are talking about a computer here) is that updates are a mixed bag. As the OS developer (in this case Google) adds new features and attempts to increase performance, this is done with current hardware as a reference. Those who are early adopters - or adopters of any sort - often will not benefit from performance increases, and sometimes the opposite, as their hardware attempts to keep up with the new OS and its feature-set.

I believe that this is clearly happening with my NS4G since updated to ICS a few months ago. This phone is often sluggish, and downright unresponsive on occasion. I never had performance issues under Gingerbread and my N7 screams through every action I take. I am not referring to performance issues while gaming, I don't game on my phone. I have issues opening the phone app or a browser or the app drawer; Google Now (a new feature) takes 30 seconds to work properly.

The promise of constant updates is compelling. I like to be on the cutting-edge of features. However, my phone does not function as a communications device as often as it should. I'm sure many of you will try to diagnose the problem with my phone, or suggest that your NS4G does not suffer from the same issues - please try to refrain. I am more interested in exploring the dogma that the newest update is benefit to an existing device.

New software is written to comply with new hardware. Maybe it is best to just wait for the newest hardware to get a new update? I don't think I will be getting a Nexus device again, instead finding a device that has been optimized and sticking with it until I am ready for my next device.

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