Nokia 920 video and audio recording superior to HTC 8X + General chit chat

Nice demo of Nokia legendary audio recording quality in high volume situations. People underestimate this phone and the small quality touches that make this phone special. It is very good in extreme situations for low light photography and audio environments.

Am a real music junkie and own a 64GB ipod which is 80% full with a variety of music. I ALWAYS carry my ipod with me as I need my music everywhere I go. But since using Nokia Music and off-line Mixes I have managed to go without days of having to pick up my ipod. I really love Nokia Music. I now wish MS would sort out the podcast situation in XBOX music as that is one feature I am sorely missing

I have also noticed a multitude of new apps on the Windows 8 Phone store. Here is a list of what I am using (I live in the UK).

- AAA Weather (great dual live tile weather app)

- Met Office

- Amazon Mobile

- BBC News Mobile

- Sky News


- Metro (UK paper)

- The Guardian

- Tech News Now

- Camera Wow

- Fantasia Painter Free (really amazing free hand artistic photo editing)

- Fhotoroom

- Flixster


- ConnectivityShortcuts

- Lyrics

- Metrotube (best youtube app I have come across)

- MyTextTwister

-Rail Planner

- Tube Map

- Next Bus UK

- TV Guide+ (with remote Sky Record capability)

- WhatsApp

- Wikipedia

- Wonder Reader (the slickest RSS Google Reader)