Unpakt: Would you use this?

Looks like the moving industry is the latest victim of DISRUPTION. Here's a pitch I received from a company today called UNPAKT.

Unpakt is a comparison pricing site for consumers searching for a moving company. The site is bringing transparency to an industry that, until now, has been known for its uncertainty...

How it works: Customers create an inventory of all furniture and boxes, as well as moving date and location information. Once the information is submitted, Unpakt provides a comparison of guaranteed prices from Unpakt’s pre-screened movers. From there, the customer can book the move on-the-spot or save the search and revisit the booking process at a later date...

Unpakt is THE next big thing in the moving industry! Consumers would be happy to know that there is a service that will take the stress out of moving. If there is any interest to do a story or a small blurb online about Unpakt, please let me know.

Here's the video:

Assuming this is a good product that works, and that Unpakt can get moving companies to work with them, would anyone use this? Seems tough to make a pitch for a service most people need only a few times over a lifetime.