Lumia 920 or Galaxy Note II - I'm buying a phone tomorrow [update 2]

Guys, I have one more day to choose between these two phones - tomorrow is the purchase day (last day of my gift card validity). I did my own analysis of pros and cons and I want to hear your opinion / discussion. Lumia is my first choice, but I still have some doubts...

My thoughts:

Lumia FOR

  • camera
  • screen quality
  • design and built quality
  • Microsoft ecosystem (I swiched from Google ecosystem and planning to buy windows RT/8 tablet)
  • offline maps
  • accesories (wireless chargers, etc...)


  • realtively "closed" OS
  • weight and size of the bezel (4.5 inch smartfone should be a little bit smaller)
  • lack of some apps


  • stylus
  • notification center
  • battery life
  • microSD card slot
  • realtively "open" OS
  • screen size
  • "computing power" (quad core, 2 GB of RAM)


  • overal size (hard to carry in the pocket)
  • TouchWiz
  • built quality

What are your thoughts?


Yelow Lumia 920 is MINE! I'm really excited. Looks and feels great. More info and photos in few hours...

[update 2]

My thoughts so far:


- The display is excellent. Sharp, great colors, deep blacks (I was suprised because it is IPS).

- Design and built quality is superb. My wife has GS III, which is really nice and good looking, but she said: "now, my phone looks outdated".

- Camera. Night photos. Best on the market for now. Sample cropped shot from Warsaw in the evening: Sample image

Accesories. I bought yellow wireless charger - looks great with the device. Great way to charge my Lumia when I'm in the office.

- WP8 in general. Fluid, fast and very good looking.

- Great "deep" integration with social networks and 3rd party accounts.

- Call quality, quality of the video and audio recording.

- Great Nokia apps including navigation, maps and cinemagraph.

- [in progress]


- Facebook chat/messages. Guys, what is your way of FB chatting on WP8? FB App is not a best way to do that for me. It takes some time to get to the messages section - not that fast and intuitive. Plus, is there any way to enable the notifications for FB? I disabled on firs start of an app and had a hard time to enable it again. [edit: fixed!]

- Access to some basic settings (connectivity, GPS, etc...). I installed ConnectivityShortcuts, but I think Android managed to design it much better.

- Lack of central notification center.

- "Back" arrow is quite hard to reach comfortably with my thumb.

- I've never believed I say that: "lack of some apps".

- [in progress]

PS: I think it is the best phone on the market.