Now Looks Like Surface Pro uses Wacom?

I saw this mentioned on another forum and thought it might be relevant here as well. Wacom today announced three new digitizer pens, the Bamboo Stylus Feel line.

There's the Bamboo Stylus Feel White:


The Bamboo Stylus Feel Black:


And the Bamboo Stylus Feel Carbon (the nicest looking of the bunch, in my mind):


It's a nice looking line of pens, but what's really important is the description:

Wacom feel IT technology works exclusively with sensors embedded beneath the screen in many of today’s cutting-edge tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, the Microsoft Surface Pro and the ASUS Slate, among others.

I don't know if we can call it official until Microsoft announces it, but still great to see that it appears to be Wacom in the Surface Pro.