T-Mobile and AT&T sim cards are blocking Google Wallet!

So to the few of you who have been using Google Wallet, and to the fewer still who have a Nexus 4, have you noticed that Google Wallet hasn't been working lately? Well if you have, then you'd be pleased to know that it is because our wonderful friends at T-Mobile and AT&T are (crap I just BSOD'd on Windows 8) giving their customers Isis enabled sim cards which coincidentally block Google Wallet.

The only way to get Google Wallet to work is to go to a T-Mobile or AT&T store and request a non-Isis micro sim card. If they charge you for it, demand that they give it to you for free because it is not your fault they gave you the Isis sim in the first place. I just got off the phone with a T-Mobile rep and my new sim card is on its way.

I am truly disturbed that carriers in the U.S can get away with this BS. This is anti-competitive and just plain wrong. The average Joe would think that there was something wrong with the Google Wallet app and not think that their carrier is responsible.

Anyway spread the word. Call your carrier and complain if you care to. Otherwise if you don't mind Isis, and letting carriers squeeze a little harder (you know where!) then carry on...