Shocker: Windows 8 is not selling because hardware is not available.

When I learned about Windows 8 a year ago, I hold my purchase of a new laptop waiting for an affordable touch screen anabled one. This is what any informed customer would have done without doubt, but, since Windows 8 launched, hardware has been very limited in supply and lead times are outrageous.

One of the options I considered was the XPS 12, a beautiful device with a tablet mode what despite been heavy and less than ideal for a full time tablet, it works like one when you want it to. If you go ahead and try to order one, the estimated shipping date is Jan 13, 2013... in my country at least, the only option avaliable is the Vaio Duo 11 that sells for 1600 USD, and it appears to be similar for the rest of the touch screen laptops. This situation, first highlighted by best buy was made cleared by the IDC:

"Touch machines are actually selling above expectations," said Bob O'Donnell, a program vice president at IDC.

And that means supply shortages. "Some vendors are actually facing shortages because touch panels are in limited supply. Vendors are saying they can't get as many touch-based machines as they would like to meet the demand that they're seeing."

This is not good news at all for the PC industry, it gives hints of hope in the future but it does not solve the current demand issues that now "legacy" non touch enabled hardware sitting in shelves have.

I would blame it on OEM's as they should have been ready for the transition a lot sooner.

At least we now know that there demand for touch screen laptops and convertibles, and knowing this OEMs should be hard at work to bring innovative new products in the up comming quarters for this nacent category.