Interesting data speed dilemma, help please!

So I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Nexus 4, also lucky enough to have a close friend buy my Galaxy Nexus.

Here's the thing, his data speeds are ungodly slow. Here's a speedtest from the GNEX.



Now hang on just a second, I realize it shows him on Edge. However, I have verified the phone was on HSPA and ran a speedtest; the results were very similar. Simply put, he's getting these results regardless of location or network type. In the same exact location I ran the speedtest on the GNEX, I ran one on my N4. The results:



Something doesn't add up. I never had speeds that slow on the GNEX unless I was being throttled. We are both on Cincinnati Bell (unfortunately, but that's neither here nor there) and he claims his data speeds were not this slow on his Sensation 4G, which I have no reason not to believe. The APN settings are identical on each phone.

Here's the only conclusion I could draw. It's not uncommon for my data to get throttled (after 2 GB, ridiculous I know) and when it does the speeds are similar to his. So I wondered if I had gotten throttled this month and for some reason the throttling was done via MAC address, thus causing the GNEX to still be throttled. I called Cincinnati Bell and they claim this is not the way it's done, and that it is account/sim card related. Even if this is incorrect, my billing cycle ended on the first, which means the throttling would stop. Also, I don't believe he has used enough data to be throttled, and the speeds have been this way since he started using the phone late November.

So this has me stumped for now, anyone have any ideas?