I'm bored with my widgets. Make some recommendations?

I feel like I'm in a rut with my homescreens. I scroll back and forth, bored, wishing some interesting content would pop off the screen. I'm looking for inspiration. (Note: I'm stock VZW GNex, unrooted, have to stay that way).

Here are my current home screens, from left to right.

(1) The Facebook widget is from the official app and is of marginal utility. I like that is is less intrusive than a lot of other alternatives out there.

(2) The system settings widgets are fantastic and from Power Toggles. These are duplicated in the notification dropdown, but I like having them here, too. Those blurred squares are contact widgets for family.

(3) The clock, battery, and weather widgets are Beautiful Widgets.

(4) The calendar widget is Android Agenda Widget. Music is Google Play.

(5) The stock photo frame widget and the Play Shazam-knock-off widget, which I don't think I've ever used...

Some things I know I don't like: widgets that are constantly fetching data (like stock tickers and news readers) and draining the battery; full screen widgets (with some rare exceptions, historically speaking); messaging widgets (I prefer the full email/handcent/Gmail experience to bastardized widgetry). Other than that, though... well, I'll try anything once.

So, dear Android Army -- make some recommendations? What fabulous widgets could I be enjoying RIGHT NOW? :)