Too bad Mars is so boring.

When I read about advances in extra-terrestrial science and commerce, I used to get uncontrollably giddy inside. "Oh, what an exciting time we must be living in! What ever will my great grand kids think of us when they read what we have accomplished?!"

When I look back on previous innovations, I begin to see how seemingly small events can have huge repercussions on the world. Tesla controlling a boat remotely is a great example. It was a widely publicized event and people were understandably in awe of the accomplishment, yet it held little weight in their everyday lives and as such it was nothing more than a passing spectacle. Today, all cell, wifi and remote devices can find their roots at that little bit of news. I hope to take pride in being that guy in my circle who can say "I told you so!" in 50 years when pop-culture's passing event is realized to be a historical milestone.

I like to think that these little passing stories about mars' organic material will become the big missed event of our generation, but the problem I realized is this: Mars is just a damned uninteresting planet. What's there besides a mass of near-homogeneous rubble? Even if the rock at the northern pole were different than the rock at the southern pole, what does it matter and how different would they really be? On earth, we have a mess of interesting features. Moving continents, oceans of salt, volcanoes, deserts, mountain ranges, valleys, continents made predominantly of ice, rocks with layers indicating the periods of frigid climate - the list goes on. I just don't see us finding much 'landmark-able' features on Mars. It's red, I mean that's pretty cool and all, right? Right?



It's really too bad that it's the planet right next to ours because these pioneer missions and daring goals really are big news. I just don't think that in the far reaches of time they will be remembered and lauded because the star of the show, Mars, is only an average piece of ceramic. It's not cool enough to be a serious topic of history. Not like Tesla and his spectacular presentations and politicking.