Advice for using FD lenses on EOS body

With Christmas coming I saw an opportunity to expand my humble gear collection, but since most of my wants are well into the $300 - $600 range it's unlikely I'll be seeing anything camera related under the tree. Then I came across several FD lenses that fit into a Christmas gift budget much better, but wasn't sure what that experience would be like.

Right now I have a Canon T3i and I'm looking at prime telephoto FD lenes. I know I won't have autofocus and that's the main reason I'll stick with prime (I don't want to mess with a zoom if I'm already dealing with manual focus).

I'm curious as to others experience with this. Do you lose other automatic features? I keep my camera in AE about 95% of the time and having to adjust the shutter speed each time might be a deal breaker.

Any good results with a particular adaptor?

Any specific lens recommendations? I had my eye on this one