Inspired by Al Franken Interview

As an artist, supporter of alternative copyright and general worrier of the future of the internet; I've really appreciated The Verge's efforts in the way of covering tech politics. I think you guys (The Verge team) have done a great job at showing that tech politics really apply to all of us. SOPA/PIPA were not just threats to our chance to download the leaked Avengers bluray rip.

While some of us infringe on comic book movies. There are forces at work, in Washington, to infringe on our civil liberties as a response.

Nilay's interview with Al Franken really inspired me to reach out to my Congressman and find out where he stands on these issues. He got my vote in November for a number of other reasons. He does, however, support net neutrality and he voted no on SOPA. This is great, but I wanted to see if his interest in this area has grown as the topic has evolved in the past six months. Hopefully, to shed some light on where he might stand in the next 12 months. Here it is!

You might not need to shove a camera in their face, but write to your representative! There's more to learn about their position than reading a voting record. Let them know this is important to you.