Are we better photographers b/c of Instagram, iPhone?

So Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom had a Five Minutes on the Verge segment posted today, and it seems like one statement has gotten a bulk of the board comments.

"I own a Canon 20D, though I don’t remember the last time I used it. Ever since the iPhone 4, I’ve been completely absorbed in taking photos from my mobile phone. There’s a natural set of constraints with mobile phones that force you to be a better photographer by acknowledging and observing the world around you."

Of course The Verge staffers pull-quoted the Canon 20D part of this, the second part seems to be getting the bigger response. Does using a cellphone camera make you a better photographer. Now it seems sort of split, some saying that knowing your limitations mean you focus on what the camera can do, while others saying the camera is so limited you really cannot stretch your photography skills.

Or maybe I am wrong with my surmising.

I think there is something to be said about using a limited camera. How many have bought cheap, plastic lensed Holgas or pinhole cameras to try to test yourself. Heck, using film on any level is a big test compared to the instant ability to see if you actually captured something. (How did we even survive that exruciating time from when we took the picture to when we actually developed the film, let alone make a print). I remember before I got my DSLR, being proud of squeezing everything out of an Olympus P/S 1.6mp or 5 mp with just playing with the EV.

Still, while there is a lot of garbage out there on the web. And most phones still have such a limited camera that they can only get a high quality on a sunny day.

Then again, most pictures are getting 'printed' to the web, so quality is not that big of a deal. Its so much easier to capture a moment and share.

So, I ask you, does Instagram and the iPhone make us better photographers?