Response to Samsung's Unprofessionalism

In the YouTube promo video "The Next Big Thing is Already Here", Samsung makes fun of iPhone 5's shortcomings. Now, let's get this right, nothing is the world is perfect, so are iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III. Apple has criticized its competitors during its keynotes, yes, but it's for comparison's sake, not to criticize on their shortcomings directly. But in this video, Samsung directly pinpoints at the disadvantages of iPhone 5. You may call me a fanboy for doing this, but their approach to promoting Galaxy S III is so rude and aggravating I can't help but do the same for Galaxy S III.

(first person narrative)

  • Across the Galaxy series, Samsung has constantly made the phone bigger to put more features like a faster chip, bigger display and a bigger battery into it. That sounds like an unbelievable engineering challenge, right? Put more things in a bigger package! Compared to iPhone 5 which performs just as fast as some quad-core phones out there and still manage to be much smaller, and thinner and lighter than its predecessors , Galaxy S III is a technical revolution, really.
  • Galaxy S III has some innovative software features that are unheard of in iOS, too. It has the Smart Stay feature, which doesn't work instantaneously so that the user has to tap the display anyway when it's automatically dimmed! That's so useful.
  • It also has the Direct Call feature, so that you can save the precious 2 seconds of your life by bringing the phone to your ears to call the person on the Message. And even if you don't want to call, the phone will still call when you put something close to the front of the phone. That's intelligent.
  • And there is S Voice, which we didn't plan to make until we heard of Siri. You will know when you try S Voice. It's so obvious we were in a hurry to deliver it on time.
  • Of course, we have the Pop up Play feature to make our phone look functionally superior to iPhones. So you can have your video keep distracting you while you message others and drain the battery. We aren't even sure people know or use this feature, but hey, it makes people feel iPhone is inferior! Haha, that's all it needs to do.
Just saying, Samsung. You aren't perfect either. I could go on and on. Let's have a fair competition.
And although sales numbers don't equate to the true 'greatness' of a tech device, Galaxy S III has already 'lost' to iPhone in terms of sales. Their priority is to sell, so I guess this is a fair way to judge the winner.
20 million Galaxy S IIIs in about three months. 2 million iPhone 5 pre-orders in 1 hour. 5 million iPhone 5s in the first weekend. At least 3x faster in sales despite Samsung's more aggressive marketing. I see their ads everywhere.

It's quite obvious. Again, I am not saying Galaxy S III is a bad phone in any way. It's certainly great. But no smartphone deserves the right to criticize any other phone, especially when it has lost in terms of sales.