Why would you own anything but a Nexus?

^ Big Troll ^

I know.....

I actually do think the iPhone is a great phone, the iPhone 3GS introduced me to smartphones.

I even tried owning a Windows Phone once, back in the pre-mango days.

I'm even tempted by Windows 8 and the Nokia Lumia 920.


Stock Android has evolved to become such a mature, smooth, customizable operating system that gives you a more personal experience than I think even WP8 could offer. I say this because of the integration with your Google account. For anyone that uses one of Google's multiple services, and there's many of us, then by far the best experience for you is on an Android device. I ultimately first ditched my iPhone for a Nexus S because I figured the internet was the future of everything and Google was at the head of it. I know now that's a bit naive, however, at the end of the day when I choose to fling my thumb upward from from the home button and seconds later I have shipping notices with prepared tracking numbers, near-by concert alerts and sports information... it offers a tailored experience beyond anything else available today. To top it off, at a rock-bottom unlocked price worldwide. Google knows what's up.