Do we really want change?

You've installed iOS 6 and you are probably saying: It's the same. I wish they could have radically changed some things and added wonderful new features( not like adding another option in Sharing button)

That's what I thought at first.

But I came to realize, do we really want change? I realized most people may think they want change because visual difference is the easiest and most intuitive way people perceive value.

That's probably why so many people are coming up with new Home Screen mock-ups nowadays. Your imagination is fantastic and I all get it, but you know, iOS will largely be the same regardless of Scott Forstall or Craig Federigi or Jonathan Ive.

See, just like iPhone 5, Apple doesn't change things for the sake of changing. Just like iPhone is "the device that you have you with all the time", iOS is the OS you interact with all the time. So Apple can't change it significantly, because that's bound to decrease the ease of use and simplicity iOS is known for, even if the new way is better. A better OS is not necessarily better if users aren't familiar with it. You may think change is not a big deal, but hey, non-geeky consumers are really.... dumb( it's sadly true. many iOS users don't even know there is a multitasking tray!) when it comes to using something a bit different. So the only and best way to improve on it is to continuously refine it. That way, it's only gonna get truly better. (although iOS 6 has many minor bugs)

So, let's not dream of a revolutionary new iOS. Let's not hope for a revolutionary new iPhone or iPad. We have no reason to be disappointed because in the first place Apple never promises on what to deliver on new products. Let's just be clear of the approach iOS and its devices are taking, and that is refinement. I am sure you know this already. If you want big change and loads of features, well, you are probably in the wrong forum now. I hope you guys stop posting your hopes for a future iOS screenshot. It's quite.... sad to see them because there are hardly going anything like that.