Swift Key Flow Beta Out Now

I just got an email to download the new Swift Key Flow beta (their Swype competitor). I don't know if they're rolling it out, or everyone got it just now, but if you -did- get it, you should check it out. It's pretty awesome so far.

I'm a very lazy, error-prone typist on a phone. My fingers never really transitioned from hardware keys to an unresponsive glass screen, even with haptic feedback. Swype always seemed like it should be the best thing for me; it's almost tailored for a lazy typist, and I know a lot of Android users who love it. However, it never seemed to predict what I wanted well enough for me. So I never really used it.

This Flow Beta seems to help me out a lot more, with fewer mistakes. Pretty awesome actually.

Anyways, just a shout out in case anyone else was waiting for that beta/and/or wanted a different kind of Swype.