Windows 8 Sound + Xbox Music frustrations

I initially didn't want to be negative on Windows 8 seeing as there's so much of what I would call 'illegitimate rage' about Windows 8. (Usability being one of them, which I've had no problems with.) However the sound on the OS is just crazy... why doesn't the sound mixer extend to Windows 8 apps? like say... music? You know in case I want to listen to music and play games?

I am honestly surprised at how simple features have just been left out entirely. It is a jarring experience, not because of the switch between the desktop and the start menu but because a lot of the features just don't logically extend.

I also just want to say that the Xbox Music app is about one million times inferior to Zune in its functionality. I honestly don't know how or why they took the biggest leap back in that field especially seeing as I am paying for this service. It's not like iTunes where I just download it and I don't expect much, I expect the apps I use to access my Xbox Music that are officially from Microsoft to actually have at least looked like there was some money put into it. Where the heck is podcasting? why is it such a pain in the arse to just get around the damn thing?

This has got to be some of my few complaints for Windows 8, but honestly, they're big ones for me. They don't seem like hard fixes and it just looks like, or feels like Microsoft just doesn't give a cent about what Xbox Music is or the entertainment experience is like on Windows 8. I'm starting to wonder whether or not they actually know how important their gaming market is on their platform. I honestly can say that if the situation were reversed and there were more games on the Mac than on the PC I'd have bought a Mac.